Go Down Swinging

Release Date
July 9, 2018
60 Minutes

Highlighting one of the most unforgettable collapses ever in major championship golf, the film recounts the 1999 Open when Jean van de Velde surrendered what seemed like inevitable victory with a three-shot lead on the 72nd hole. Van de Velde recounts (shot-by-shot) what was going through his mind on Carnoustie’s demanding par-4 18th hole during Sunday’s final round. In addition to Van de Velde, the principal characters involved reflect on how improbable a finish it was, and how unbelievable it remains nearly 20 years later.

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Clips & Highlights
With a 3 shot lead on the 18th tee, Jean Van de Velde and his caddie throw caution to the wind. The rest… as they say... is history.
After his approach shot into the burn his decision to play it out has everyone watching and wondering.
High winds and high scores on the opening day of the 1999 Open Championship.
Golf Channel’s latest original swing recounts golf’s most epic tournament collapse.
Remembering Van de Velde’s collapse more like a full-length movie filled with dramatic plot twists.