Release Date
June 8, 2014
60 Minutes

An Emmy-nominated film commemorating the life of one of the game’s legendary figures, Payne delves into the enduring legacy of Payne Stewart on the 15th anniversary of his monumental victory in the 1999 U.S. Open. Payne recalls the PGA TOUR icon who became one of the game’s most-beloved players on the golf course, but also a family man, entertainer, jokester and golf fashion icon, and reflects on his legacy following his tragic death in a plane accident in October 1999. Narrated by Josh Elliott.

Clips & Highlights
A remarkable finish at the 1999 US Open elevates Payne to new heights. A tip from Tracey helps him secure victory at Pinehurst.
Payne’s children Chelsea and Aaron talk about family time with Dad.
Payne’s look and style was a big part of his popularity on TOUR.
A difficult moment as Tracey takes a look at the personal belongings recovered from the wreckage of that fateful flight.
Payne captures the life of a champion.
The film does an excellent job capturing Stewart’s personality and what influenced it.
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